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Drug and Alcohol Detox - Comfort, Safety and Privacy
Luxury Treatment Center’s drug alcohol detox program is designed to take high profile individuals off drugs and alcohol safely and comfortably. Through a medical procedure, those detoxing at Luxury Treatment Center are gradually weaned off addictive substances. In this stage of the addiction treatment strategy clients are medically monitored 24 hours a day.

Our specialized and highly confidential private rehabilitation program includes medically managed drug alcohol and detoxification services from practiced addiction specialists, caring nurses and leading medical doctors. Proper, pain-free drug alcohol detox procedures require the experience and knowledge of professionals like these.

Using the latest in drug and alcohol detoxification medication protocols, Luxury Treatment Center’s program manages your withdrawal symptoms to a point where they hardly exist. Our medical and addiction specialist will be with you every step of the way managing and monitoring your progress to ensure safety and comfort.

Once you make the decision to check into Luxury Treatment Center’s drug alcohol detoxification program, you will be treated with the highest level of care. We take pride in providing professional drug and alcohol detoxification services, while catering to your specific needs.

At Luxury Treatment Center, our beautiful and luxurious therapeutic setting provides the most optimal level of comfort for individuals of your elite standing. During this safe, medical drug alcohol detox period, all Luxury Treatment Center clients reside in private rooms ensuring comfort and ease. Our philosophy is to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

For immediate assistance with drug alcohol detox services at Luxury Treatment Center, call 800-845-6827.

Residential Addiction Treatment, Effective Modalities in a Luxurious Setting
Residential addiction treatment at Luxury Treatment Center is personally supervised by Clinical Director Gerard J. Egan, MSW, LMHC. Along with Dr. Egan’s regimen, all Luxury Treatment Center clients are assigned to a private therapist for 2-4 individual addiction counseling sessions per week.

In addition to individualized addiction therapy, we provide unlimited access to a multitude of different group counseling sessions intended to enhance your overall recovery process. Trauma resolution, anger management, relapse prevention, and gender specific addiction therapy groups are offered for those who wish to participate.

Luxury Treatment Center is a dual-diagnosis facility, administering specialized addiction treatment for those clients who may have struggled with any type of bi-polar disorders, including depression. By providing a variety of effective addiction treatment modalities, we know we can help you or your loved one achieve the level of recovery they are seeking.

An inpatient luxury treatment program like Luxury Treatment Center carries an obvious potential advantage. For individuals like you, style and comfort should not be dismissed or disregarding. Those in your pristine class, simply respond better to participating in residential addiction treatment programs that take place in an aesthetically pleasing environment that promotes personal healing and growth.

At Luxury Treatment Center, we make our client’s confidentiality one of our utmost concerns. For many, choosing a luxury rehab center comes down to the one that provides guaranteed anonymity in a lavishly exquisite setting. Luxury Treatment Center not only abides by those standards, but we provide the highest level of effectively proven therapeutic addiction treatment modalities and services.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with an alcohol or drug abuse problem, Luxury Treatment Center can help. Call 800-845-6827.

Long-Term, 90 Day Residential Addiction Treatment
Some individuals of your status may feel a 30 day luxury residential addiction treatment program is simply not enough time to fully recover. If you are in this class, we provide extended care programs to meet your individual needs.

If you feel you could benefit from a longer stay, Luxury Treatment Center offers a specialized residential addiction treatment program tailored to a 30, 60 or 90 day stay. For more information, contact Luxury Treatment Center at 800-845-6827.

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